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UDL-Related Research

In this video, CAST Co-President Gabbie Rappolt-Schlictmann discusses the relationship of research to CAST’s process of innovation and development focusing on UDL as a transdisciplinary and translational framework.

UDL Guidelines - Research Evidence

UDL Guidelines Icon Read about the research evidence supporting the UDL Guidelines.

Learning Disability Quarterly podcast

Learning Disability Quarterly CoverDr. Peggy King-Sears discuss the UDL framework and its application to students with and without learning disabilities in this Learning Disability Quarterly podcast. Listen at Sage Journals.

UDL: Variability in Emotion and Learning

Photo of Sami DaleyIn this video Dr. Sami Daley, Director of Research at CAST, presents Universal Design for Learning: Variability in Emotion and Learning at Towson University. Dr. Daley discusses the role of emotions in learning activities and how to design instruction to reflect the relationship between emotion and cognition in learning. View the video.

A Research Reader in Universal Design for Learning

Research Reader book cover This fascinating and inventive book surveys the UDL research field in comprehensive detail while pointing—in imaginative and necessary ways—to crucial research undertakings yet to come. Buy the book

UDL and K–12 Online Learning

COLSD logoHow does K–12 online learning impact the access, participation, and progress of students with disabilities? Review the UDL-oriented investigations at

UDL Implementation & Research Network

UDL-IRN logoRegister for the March 12 & 13, 2015 UDL-IRN summit focusing on UDL implementation and associated research at the University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast in Gulfport, MS. Go to registration.

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