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A Conversation in Multiple Media on the Variability of Learners

Leading thinkers, researchers, and education practitioners discuss learning and human variability via video, audio, and the written word. Read more at Conversations in Multiple Media.

Read a chapter from Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice

Learners are highly variable, but that variation is not chaotic. Learners share common, predictable patterns of variability that are very useful to consider when designing educational environments. Read more from this new book by Anne Meyer, David H. Rose, and David Gordon:

UDL On Campus: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education

UDL On Campus offers resources geared toward multiple stakeholders in postsecondary institutions to help them improve learning opportunities, retention, and outcomes.

UDL Video Contest

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of CAST's Professional Learning video contest.

UDL Professional Learning

Looking for professional learning opportunities and free resources that enable educators to deepen their knowledge and gain the practical skills that they need to apply UDL? Visit

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