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Resources for "Implementation" include presentations, articles, and links to materials. 

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Read an ArticleCurriculum Planning for All Learners

In this paper, Meo discusses how to integrate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into the curriculum planning process to include all students from the start. She uses a high school level reading comprehension program as an example.

Read an ArticlePerspectives on UDL and Assessment

Dr. Robert Mislevy, a leading expert in educational assessment, technology, and cognitive science, shares his insights on the integration of UDL and assessment.

Read an Article 2020's Learning Landscape

Written by David Rose and Ge Vue in 2010, this article imagines the future by “pre-creating” the Presidential Address at the IDA Annual Conference in 2020.

Read an ArticleUDL Unplugged

This paper examines the question of whether technology is central to the foundations of UDL or whether UDL is useful as a pedagogical framework that goes beyond technology.

Read an ArticleUniversal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education

In this paper the teaching staff of T-560: Meeting the Challenge of Individual Differences, a course at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, discuss their experiences implementing UDL in their course. It also includes specific examples from their class.

Read an ArticleUniversal Design for Learning: Meeting the Needs of All Students

In this issue of the ASHA Leader, a publication of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association, Dr. Patti Ralabate describes the UDL framework and offers examples using a case scenario approach. Dr. Ralabate is CAST Director of Implementation and a former UDL postdoctoral fellow. Citation

Read an ArticleUniversal Design for Learning

In this issue of Practice Perspectives, Dr. Elizabeth Hartmann describes the basics of UDL and how it applies to students who are deaf-blind. Dr. Hartmann is a faculty member at Lasell University and a former UDL postdoctoral fellow. The article helps educators, parents, and individuals with deaf-blindness better understand UDL so that they can actively participate in the development of UDL practices to improve education for all students. Citation

Read an ArticleAccess for all: Six principles for principals to consider in implementation CCSS for students with disabilities

In this article published in Principal, a publication of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, Dr. Maggie McLaughlin identifies Universal Design for Learning as the best way to meet the needs of students, particularly in regard to implementing the Common Core State Standards for students with disabilities.

Read an ArticleAnalyzing a College Course that Adheres to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework

In this article, Dr. Smith shares the results of a 4-semester case study that explored the reflective practice of one faculty member that applied the UDL framework to the design and delivery of an introductory graduate research methods course. Findings note that goals were more clearly aligned with instructional practices; there was a positive relationship to student interest and engagement; and students were positively engaged in the course. Citation

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Visit this LinkUDL in Prince George County School District

This School District website features resources and information for teachers, parents, and professional development. It also has some great non-tech resources organized by guideline.

Visit this LinkUDL Online Modules

Two online modules that introduce the theory, principles, and application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to teacher candidates and in-service teachers.

Visit this LinkFree UDL Tech Toolkit

A free technology toolkit for UDL in all classrooms.

Visit this LinkLoudoun County Public School: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Resources

Loudoun County has gathered an array of teacher resources to promote implementation of UDL in classrooms.


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