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International Resources

UDL can offer a powerful framework for anticipating and addressing learner variability—providing every student with equal opportunities to learn and achieve their full potential. In recent years, there has been a good deal of interest in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as an educational framework to improve inclusive education globally.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (adopted on 13 December 2006 and signed or ratified by most of the world [see: for a map]), sets out to address the rights of people with disabilities to full participation in life. Article 26 specifically addresses the equal right of persons with disabilities to an "inclusive, quality, and free" education. As states, territories, and countries set out to implement the UN convention, UDL can help educators address the widest range of learner variability, reduce barriers, and improve access for all students to a full and rich inclusive education. This page includes resources in languages other than English and information on international efforts.


Thanks to the generosity of international partners, CAST is able to provide translations of many of our resources. See below for links to resources in various languages. For information on helping to provide or to vet a translation, please email international [at] cast [dot] org.

Book Builder logoBook Builder is a free online tool that enables educators to develop their own digital books to support instruction. The interface is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese by changing the language at the top right of the home page. The Public Library is a repository of books that have been authored and published by people around the world in multiple languages. Books can be sorted by multiple categories including language.

Tutorial videos that help authors maximize the features of Book Builder to create high-quality instructional materials are also available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

UDL Guidelines logoCAST currently offers the UDL guidelines as a graphic organizer in eight languages (at the time of this writing). To download a copy of the guidelines, go to

Projects and partnerships:

Photo of Dr. Alba Pastor and two UCM internsUniversidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)—CAST has partnered with Dr. Carmen Alba Pastor from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in a collaborative study of the effectiveness of implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and the uses of accessible digital materials in the processes of acquiring literacy in primary education and the implications for teacher training. Over the course of three years, Dr. Alba Pastor and her team have been working in four different schools in Madrid and studying the way that different schools implement UDL in primary literacy classrooms in Spain.

Photo of two UDD project members Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago, Chile). In October 2013, two academics from UDD visited CAST to begin work on a collaborative project with UDD to develop an Introduction to UDL online course in Chilean Spanish. CAST and UDD intend to build upon the existing project to deepen and extend the relationship into the areas of research, preparation of professional educators, and the creation of tools to support the education of all students in Chile and Latin America.

Photo of three UDL-TPW membersThe Universal Design for Learning-Teaching Portuguese Worldwide (UDL-TPW) is a collaborative project whose purpose is to author high quality, digital books in Portuguese for the purpose of teaching Portuguese anywhere in the world. The books are published to the Public Library of the Book Builder online tool. The project originally was originally established by CAST, the Regional Government of the Azores, and the Portuguese World Language Institute at Lesley University, as well as several schools in both the Azores and the United States. It has since expanded to include NGO's and universities in both Portugal and Brazil. For more information on the project, email bookbuildertpw [at] gmail [dot] com.

Bilateral agreements with international universities:

Universidade de AbERTA in Lisbon, Portugal
Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain
Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile

Other UDL projects around the world:


Brugge: SIHO is an organization that supports inclusive higher education in Belgium. One portion of their web site is dedicated to Universal Design for Learning:


Alberta: The Alberta Regional Profession Development Consortia has developed the Inclusive Education Resources site to support inclusive education in Alberta. One portion of this site is dedicated to Universal Design for Learning:

British Columbia: SET BC: British Columbia Universal Design for Learning Project (BC UDL) at

New Brunswick: In 2013 the Education Ministry of the Government of New Brunswick made a commitment to Universal Design for Learning as a means of improving inclusive practice in both the Francophone and Anglophone sector:


Msida; Valletta; Gozo: University of Malta

Birkirkara: St. Aloysius College

Recursos en español:

HTML recursos sobre DUA

Pautas del Diseño Universal para el Aprendizaje (DUA) en español: Spanish Version-español

Princípios de DUA: Ejemplos (español):

Vídeos sobre DUA en español:

Lista de reproducción

Vídeos sobre características de Book Builder en español

Recursos de português

Princípios Orientadores do Universal Design for Learning em português: Portuguese Version-português

Princípios do UDL Exemplos (português):

Vídeos sobre UDL em português

Um Breve Olhar Sobre UDL:

Vídeos sobre características Book Builder em português

Lista de reproducción

Ressources en français (canadien)

Organisateur graphique avec les lignes directrices de la CUA: Lignes directrices de la CUA (UDL guidelines—French version)

Vidéos en français

Aperçu de CUA

Translations of the UDL Guidelines:

Chinese (traditional) Version
Chinese (simplified) Version
French Version
Greek Version
Italian Version
Japanese Version
Korean Version
Portuguese Version
Spanish Version
Romanian Version (1.0)

Last Updated: 03/11/2015

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