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UDL Guidelines - Version 2.0: Examples and Resources

Checkpoint 7.1: Optimize individual choice and autonomy

III. Provide Multiple Means of Engagement

Recruiting Interest

Key Considerations

  • How does this help learners meet the goal?
  • How does this account for the variability of all learners?
  • Are learners being given the right amount of choice?


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Example/Resource Why UDL?
A woman pointing to a tic-tac-toe board

Industrial Revolution Tic-Tac-Toe

Learn how two teachers from Columbus East High School in Columbus, IN created a unique way for students to choose projects on the Industrial Revolution. These teachers won the U.S. Innovative Teachers Forum and went on to the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Brazil to represent the United States.

Age Group: High School
Content Area: Social Studies, but could be adapted to other areas
Cost: Free
Technology Involved: Internet connection to view the video; the video describes different project topics, some of which require technology and others that do not.

Why UDL? Industrial Revolution Tic Tac Toe is a great example of providing students with individual choice. Encouraging students to choose from different projects increases student creativity and engagement.

A mountain landscape with weblogg-ed written in the lower right corner

RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds send free, up-to-date content to your computer via the Internet. This RSS Quick Start guide will help students and teachers learn how to access RSS feeds and put them to use in the classroom. 

Age Group: All ages
Content Area: All areas
Cost: Free
Technology Involved: The Guide is a downloadable pdf 

Why UDL? There are RSS feeds for thousands of content areas. Encouraging students to explore a topic of their choice increases engagement. 


Text that reads 'Crayon: Create Your Own Newspaper'


The site offers electronic templates for students to create their own newspapers. The site allows you to bring multiple sources together, thus creating an individualized and customized newspaper.

Age Group: K-12
Content Area: ELA, Social Studies
Cost: Free
Technology Involved: Internet connection

Why UDL? Offering students choice in layout and customization is an effective way to recruit interest.

See also:
5.1: Use multiple media for communication

'Book Adventure' written in text with a backpack hanging off of the B

Book Adventure

Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children can choose from over 7,000 recommended titles and create their own book lists.

Age Group: K-8
Content Area: Reading
Cost: Free
Technology Involved: Internet connection

Why UDL? Book Adventure allows students to choose from thousands of book titles. This provision of choice is a great way to recruit students' interest.

Last Updated: 04/09/2012

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