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UDL Toolkits:

The Planning for All Learners Toolkit

Planning for All Learners (PAL) applies UDL to planning and developing curricula in ways that promote access, participation, and progress in the general education curriculum for all learners. The PAL Toolkit provides specific planning steps, guidance, mentoring, model lessons, tools, templates, resources, and links to other educators using the PAL Model.

The PAL Toolkit can be used as part of a face-to-face training session, to provide ongoing follow-up support, or to train others.

Internet Inquiry Toolkit

The Internet Inquiry Toolkit is a resource for language arts, content area, and special education teachers (grades 5-10) who recognize that finding information on the Internet has become an essential literacy task for today's students. This toolkit provides guidance, mentoring, model units and lessons, ready-to-use materials, resources, and opportunities to connect with colleagues.


SEEC Toolkit

The Supporting, Engaging and Enhancing Comprehension for Students in High School (SEEC) Toolkit provides high-school educators with strategies, procedures, activities, and resources informed by Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles for increasing reading proficiency in subject area content. The toolkit integrates UDL instructional methods and flexible digital curriculum content with empirically validated reading practices. It guides teachers in the use of effective vocabulary instruction and reading comprehension strategies that promote access, participation, and progress in subject-area content for all students.

Last Updated: 07/15/2014

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