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About the UDL Center

Founded in 2009, the National UDL Center supports the effective implementation of UDL by connecting stakeholders in the field and providing resources and information about:

UDL Guidelines icon

UDL Basics: What is UDL?

Learn more about: the three principles of UDL, expert learners, technology, and UDL curricula

Check out the UDL Guidelines - a practical articulation of the UDL framework


Advocacy icon

Advocacy: How can I demonstrate the value of UDL to others?

Gain insights into the advocacy work of the National UDL Taskforce

Take action to incorporate UDL into public policy at the local, state, or national level


Implementation icon

Implementation: Who is implementing UDL? And where?

Discover practical examples and resources that illustrate the Guidelines

Participate in an online module that introduce the theory, principles, and application of UDL

Watch videos of classroom implementation


Research icon

Research: What research supports the framework?

Read about the research evidence that supports UDL


Community iconCommunity: How can I connect to others in the UDL field?

Join UDL Connect to gather and share UDL information and experiences

Engage with others about relevant issues and resources


Resources icon


View a suite of videos showing examples of UDL in the classroom

Access articles and presentations from the National Center and the field


The UDL Center is a program of CAST and made possible by the generous support of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

Last Updated: 05/24/2011

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