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About UDL

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UDL and Expert Learners

From the UDL perspective, expert learners are...

Resourceful &
  • Bring considerable prior knowledge to new learning
  • Activate that prior knowledge to identify, organize, prioritize, and assimilate new information
  • Recognize the tools and resources that would help them find, structure, and remember new information
  • Know how to transform new information into meaningful and useable knowledge

To learn more about developing resourceful and knowledgeable learners,
go to Principle I

Strategic &
  • Formulate plans for learning
  • Devise effective strategies and tactics to optimize learning
  • Organize resources and tools to facilitate learning
  • Monitor their progress
  • Recognize their own strengths and weaknesses as learners
  • Abandon plans and strategies that are ineffective

To learn more about developing strategic and goal-directed learners,
go to Principle II

Purposeful &
  • Are eager for new learning and are motivated by the mastery of learning itself
  • Are goal-directed in their learning
  • Know how to set challenging learning goals for themselves
  • Know how to sustain the effort and resilience that reaching those goals will require
  • Monitor and regulate emotional reactions that would be impediments or distractions to their successful learning

To learn more about developing purposeful and motivated learners,
go to Principle III

Last Updated: 07/31/2014

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